2D1N Genting Trip w Nuffnang [Day 1]

Whee! So happy when I got selected for this trip! Initially I thought I wouldn’t be able to go, because it was very last minute RSVP. But still, very glad that I have the chance to go! Nuffnang is awesome! :D

Since I’m such a last minute person, I packed on the very night before (skipped sleeping) and then still manage to reach last minutely! -_- Jialat only me. ):

Sat with Peiyun for the trip over there! And she’s my roomie for this trip! xD I slept in ALL the bus journey, and also not leaving the coach for any toilet breaks! Heh, steel bladder I guess I didn’t drink a lot of water.

Reached the hotel, deposited our luggage and then proceeded to Good Friend Restaurant for lunch!

Lunch was insanely good and fun. Although I could only have a few of the many good stuff, but I still enjoyed it a lot!

After lunch we were allocated to our rooms, and then rested a little before some Free & Easy time~

The toilet has a bath tub which I didn’t get to use! ):

Met up with some people, and then went to some phone shop so some of us can get a sim card to surf net/call back SG. :D But we took quite a long time.

We went to explore the Ripley’s museum/exhibition next! Skipped the haunted house because many of us are wusses! ):

Just some pics, so I won’t spoil your fun! :D AND I SAT ON THE WORLD’S LUCKIEST CHAIR! ^^

The place is really cool, but there were some creepy scary bits (which I think already covered the haunted house part bah)! But totally worth my RM22!

After that we shopped a little, and then headed over to the dinner place [名人].

Dinner was good! All though a great deal of food I couldn’t chew, but it smells really awesome! The style of dishes are also very new and of different combination!

The menu on our table was also decorated amazingly by our 美女桌 (Beauties’ table)!

So pretty right?! The dinobaby is cute! Drawn by Jasmine!

Our 美女桌!

*Picture credit to Jasmine

We went back to rest and charge our devices for a bit, and then met up with other people again! We initially wanted to go to the cheap karaoke! But I guess we were too late, so it was fully booked! )):

Then we went to get 2 lanes for bowling! Glow in the dark one some more! I get to the “beginner” lane. For a moment I could remember which hand I use to play bowling (long time nv play le), so I keep getting into the “drain”. Haha. After that I got better when I use my right hand! :D

*Pic credit to Jowey

From left: Amanda, Pei Yun, Kaman, Me (top), Jasmine (below) and Jowey.

Played one game, and then slowly walked back to our rooms. On the way back we heard the singer try singing “Oppan Gangnam Style”, so the young people started to do the dance! Haha, I’m too old for that! ): We went pass Starbucks after that as well, so I went to get Hot Choco (Genting gets pretty cold at night for me). Some others also went to get drinks.

We end up decide to go to Jowey’s room to slack and chill~ We took turns showering, then ended up at our (me and PY) room doing some masks and more chatting! Can’t believe we can chat so long!

And around 6am, we all 散会 (ended our session) and went for a quick nap!

To be Continued…

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