2D1N Genting Trip w Nuffnang [Day 2]

Both me and PY set our alarms, but that didn’t stop up from nua-ing in bed longer. But around 7.50am, it was the last straw! As we already showered before heading to bed, we got changed and washed up quickly.

Jowey and the others called our room – oops, seems like they are all ready to go. Heh. We picked up our stuff, then went over to meet them.

The breakfast buffet has a huge variety of food! Porridge, omelette (omg so good!!!) and juices! The juice is super good I tell you!

Level 27 (highest) of Tower 2 for breakfast!

We’re seated in a corner near the window. :D

Cereals and fruits!

And this counter… Is where I call the “Omelette Station”! I swear the omelette this guy makes is AWESOME!!! I think it’s the thing I miss most about there. ): I WANT!!!!

Juices, coffee, and tea~

More “chinese” style breakfast – Porridge!

And this Spring Roll has an individual photo because I want to eat this! But I don’t appreciate it getting stuck in my braces… So, yup, didn’t get this. Just a pic for me. ): I’ll be back!!!

After breakfast we went back to our room to prepare some more, as we are heading to Snow World!!!

Excited us before going in Snow World!!

Got the coats, boots and gloves! Used the free locker in that place! :D

We got prepared then headed in. Insanely cold please! I thought I could handle but end up I felt my face freezing up!

*Picture credit to Pei Yun
Me, after taking the coat! -random grab one-

After all of us are dressed! Our legs all look very sexy here! I RIKES!

We were put into teams, and then played some games! I can’t remember our missions, but it was really fun!
Though our team didn’t do very well, but we were satisfied!

*Picture credit to Kaman
A picture of our team, including people who were playing in there with us! :D

A lupsup pic of me + the team! Why I no pay attention?! ): But I look dreamy, which is good! (Y)

Rushed out after the games as the cold was close to unbearable! The nuffies then gave out the prizes, and then we head back our rooms to do some last minute packing up.

Met everyone else back at the lobby for lunch before heading back.

Our lunch! Other than these we have free flow of drinks and dessert! But I guess I was pretty bloated with breakfast so I didn’t have much appetite for lunch! Many bloggers got some of the dessert for takeaway as well, but I think my family has enough cakes, so I didn’t get for them. :b

After lunch, it was time to head back to Singapore. For the bus ride back, I slept throughout again, and also didn’t bother to head down to get any tidbits back. xD

This trip from Nuffnang was really awesome, and I’m really glad to have made so many new friends from this event! Really thanks to Nuffnang for the trip! I will be back to Genting (soon, I hope) to enjoy more! ^^

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*Please let me know if I’ve used your photo and yet to credit. Leeched from too many people already. :x

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